2013 Trends in Online Learning
Virtual, Blended and Flipped Classrooms

The digital conversion means different things to different education leaders in K-12. But this year's Speak Up Survey data reveals an exciting new trend - they seem to agree that online learning options are providing more ways to engage students.

“Utilizing technology in learning and teaching is crucial to our students learning! The amount of resources that are out there are amazing, and we are doing an injustice to our students by not having all the resources at their fingertips. These resources need to be available starting at the earliest of ages for each child individually.”
-School Administrator, Canal Winchester Local School District, OH
More Key Findings Include:
  • Administrators now value online tools for teacher learning opportunities in addition to student learning
  • Virtual, blended and flipped learning teachers are using MORE digital content with student than traditional teachers
  • Parents who have taken an online class for work expect their children to have access to similar learning opportunities
  • Students see online learning as a more personal, controlled learning process
43% - Percent of district administrators that are now offering a variety of online courses to meet diverse student needs

60% - Percent of flipped learning teachers who believe online learning motivates students more

89% - Percent of parents who want their child in a class where mobile devices are used

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“In my ultimate school, I would want laptops used in every class, online chat rooms for students to talk about what they are learning, online tutors, optional online classes for out-of-school subjects students are interested in, downloadable videos from demonstrations for students to study, and online content for students to study while they are on vacation or ill.”
-6th Grade Boy, Blue Valley School District, KS
“Being able to take classes online and electives at school would be more motivating and comfortable. It would encourage more students to do well academically. It would also teach students to be more independent.”
-9th Grade Girl, Merced Union High School District, CA
What They're Saying:

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